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Corbel free telescopic connection for beam- column, -wall, and beam

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Area of use

Advantages with the BSF system

  • Gives freedom in design
  • Columns without corbels/supports
  • Elegant solution for round columns
  • CE mark/ETA approval
  • Standard reinforcement
  • Simple and safe to erect on site
  • Design tools
  • Reduced number of precast elements and connection points
  • Environmentally better buildings


Movie – Beam – column connection

IC Academy


For more info and films, see IC Academy. Engineering and assembly.

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Capacity and minimum beam dimension

The system have individual capacities ranging from 225 kN to 700 kN.

By optionally using BSF connectors in pairs, loads of up to 1400 kN can be catered for.


Type Description Capacity Minimum beam dimension
BSF 225  Beam Column connection 225 190 x 370
BSF 300  Beam Column connection 300 190 x 420
BSF 450  Beam Column connection 450 190 x 440
BSF 700  Beam Column connection 700 310 x 500
BSF 450 x 2  Beam Column connection 900 350 x 440
BSF 700 x 2  Beam Column connection 1400 600 x 500


Short guide and Academy

Click on the link to go to the Academy. In the Academy you can see how to use the system.

The appendix describes how to calculate and use the system.

Product sheet

Link to productsheet can be found here.

Technical manual

Technical information about this product can be found here


The Invisible Connections products has a ETA approval and are all CE market.

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