Merry Christmas

To all our business partners, suppliers and others.

The year 2017 is soon to an end, and we want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year!

Invisible Connections close down the production and deliveries at our plant from Thursday 21st of December and rest of the year. First ordinary working day will be Tuesday 2nd  of January.

Jan Erik Brevik

Sales Manager

+47 488 99 407

DTS – DTF, the best way to connect DT elements

DT 120 kvadrat

SECC & Hydro Arena, Glasgow

Location Glasgow
Type of building Car-park
Year 2013
Sice 1600 car-parks
Precaster SCC Design Build
Main contractor SCC Design Build
IC Products BSF  TSS and DTS

Advantages with the IC Car-Park concept

Can reduce precast element cost with 20% by using;

  • DT-element with tooted joint.
  • DTS and DTF connections.
  • BSF connections.
  • TSS connection.
  • In-situ topping.



Torsjon – Stempling.

For mer info se memo 505.

Memo 505 Figur 1

Midletidlig understøttelse. Må beregnes i hvert enkelt tilfelle.

Lodd stilling av bjelker.

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Memo 541 alt 3

Talje for justering av bjelken.

Justering og tetting av fuger.

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