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1x1 Varso tower, Warszawa
1x1 Southbank Place

 Location Airdrie, Scotland Type of building Hospital Year 2013 Size   Precaster Bison Manufacturing Main contractor Laing O’Rourke IC Products RVK for trapper

1x1 Rolfsbukta Terrasse

  Location Fornebu Type of building Apartments Year 2017 Size  10.000 m² Architect Arkitektkontoret Kari Nissen Brodtkorp Main contractor Vedal entreprenør IC Product TSS

1x1 Høviktunet

  Location Bærum Type of building Boliger Year 2017 Size  6.500m² Architect JM Norge Main contractor JM Norge IC Product TSS

1x1 HSV Nursing Home

  Lokasjon Oslo Type of building Nursing Home Year 2017 Size  15.500m² Architect C.F. Møller Norge Main contractor Backe Stor-Oslo IC Produkter TSS

1x1 Utmarkveien 2 care+ and community center

  Location Oslo Type of building care apartments Year 2017 Size  9.100 m² Architect Marlow Arkitekter Main contractor HENT IC Produkter TSS