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The easiest way to fixing stairs and landings

The Architect gains a smooth obstacle-free soffit with no supports on show

The Engineer gains a robust, simple and efficient connection, which can also be used to satisfy robustness

The Insitu Contractor does not need to incorporate connections into the wall requiring tight tolerance

The Precaster keeps control of the connection within the factory, with no need for specialist operations on site

The Main Contractor gains reduced crane hook-time requirements, and rapid provision of access stairs

Advantages with IC stair connectors

Corbel-free connection between staircase and landing.

Cost effective solution
• Faster and safer installation on site, see stair film “installation”
Reduced crane time
• No welding or bolting on site
Impact sound insulation
ETA approved/CE market product
Design tools / drawings 2D 3D
• Tested for seismic areas
• Invisible

Area of use

Corbel free telescopic connection for beam- column, -wall, and beam

sample 2

Area of use

Advantages with the BSF system

  • Gives freedom in design
  • Columns without corbels/supports
  • Moment stiff connections, Fly Seismic.
  • Precast beams and columns in seismic zones, Fly Seismic.
  • Elegant solution for round columns
  • CE mark/ETA approval
  • Standard reinforcement
  • Simple and safe to erect on site
  • Design tools
  • Reduced number of precast elements and connection points
  • Environmentally better buildings


Movie – Beam – column connection

Beam – column

Beam column connections

Invisible Connections

Invisible Connections AS is a modern industrial company which focuses on reliability, quality and competitiveness. Invisible Connections AS was established in Isfjorden in 1987. In 1998 the company moved to its current facility; a modern and well-equipped factory in beautiful Åndalsnes in Romsdalen. The factory is strategically located, with proximity to rail, highway and pier.

The company manufactures metal parts for various purposes, and has many demanding customers nationally and internationally.

Invisible Connections AS was in January 2013 certified to CE mark steel structures execution class EXC3 according to EN 1090-2 and declaration according to EN 1090-


Invisible Connections AS

Strandgatan 98
Øran Vest
6300 Åndalsnes

Tlf: +47 71 22 44 70