Helsinki Music Centre

Location Helsinki
Type of building Consert hall
Year 2011
Precaster Semtu OY
Main Contractor
IC Products TSS stair connectors


Simple installation with DTS


A beam box ; This is cast into the beam which is being supported.

A column box; This is cast into the column, or secondary beam.

A sliding ”knife”; This solid steel member actually carries the load from one member to another.


IC Car-Park Consept


Reduce precast element cost with 20% by using;

  • DT- elements with toothed joint
  • DTS and DTF connectors
  • BSF connectors
  • TSS connectors
  • No concrete topping on DT-element (drive on top)



  • Freedom in design due to no visible supports
  • Clean and corbel free construction
  • User friendly; no columns
  • No shelves for birds or bombs



  • Reduced construction time
  • No welding or bolting on site


IC Academy

The IC Academy gives you a fast and easy guide to the IC products by using 3D movies. The academy will guide architects, engineers, designers,  precasters and contractors true all our products in a structured and simple way.


DTS – DTF, the best way to connect DT elements

DT 120 kvadrat

Quartermile Q9

Location Edinburgh
Type of building Office
Year 2014
 Size  ca.18,000m²
Precaster Acheson & Glover
Main Contractor Sir Robert McAlpine
IC Products TSS stair connectors

Dickens Yard

Location London
Type of building Office and apartments
Year 2012
Precaster Creagh Concrete
Main Contractor St. George
IC Products TSS stair connectors

Rathbone Square, London

Location London
Type of building Apartments
Year 2012-14
Size 38,300m²
Precaster FP McCann
Main Contractor John Sisk
IC Products TSS and RVK for stairs