Invisible Connections AS wish you all a great summer!

Invisible Connections AS is closed during the holidays as shown below:


The factory is closed for production week 28-30.

Warehouse is closed week 29-30.

Administration is closed week 29-30.

Product launch at Invisible Connections AS

Invisible Connections has launched a brand-new ‘’game changing’’ stair and landing connector.
RVK and TSS 60 P are a sustainable connectors for prefabricated concrete stair and landings. We have reduced the amount of steel by more than 50% and the outer tube is made from recycled PE from the local company Plasto AS.
With our new connections you can also lower the landing/stair slab thickness, full capacity 60 kN 170 mm, but can be used all the way down to 120 mm.
Thinner slabs -> less concrete -> lower CO2 emissions.

Watch the launch film by following the link:

Easter holiday

We wish all our customers, suppliers and other connections a pleasent easter holliday.

Invisible Connections will inform everyone that we will keep the factory closed from Friday 26. Mars until Tuesaday 6. April.

New Product RVK 60 P

Another milestone for Invisible Connections AS. The first pallet RVK 60 P is finished today. RVK 60 P is a sustainable landing attachment for concrete stairs. We have reduced the amount of steel by more than 50% and the outer pipe is made of recycled PE. The material comes from recycled household plastic. RVK 60 P in use together with our TSS 25 stair connector, gives manufacturers the opportunity to reduce the amount of concrete in landings by more than 20%. Invisible Connections AS aims to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Trond Erik Skarshaug is the new general manager.

Trond Erik was appointed as a general manager on June 2, 2020, he is 55 years old and lives at Harøy.

His last job was as Sales Manager at Invisible Connections AS.

Trond Erik has extensive experience from the building products industry where he worked with Daily Management, Purchasing, Sales and Market Management for more than 25 years. He also has 20 years of international experience from various markets, including large leading companies.

His strength is all-round experience in leading performance groups, he is negotiable, analytical and has good business understanding.

Trond Erik himself says that “Invisible Connections AS is a strong family-owned company that has been built up for more than 30 years. My motivation in the future is together with our talented employees to develop IC further internationally, as well as in the Norwegian market.

I also look forward to working closely with an active Board and with the owners of the company.”The recruitment process was led by Managing Director Eirik Sperre of Sperre Rekruttering AS and Chairman of the Board at Invisible Connections AS, Jørn Nes.

Varso tower, Warszawa

Location Warszawa
Type of building Office/Hotel
Year 2019/20
Architect Foster og Partners
Main contractor HB Reavis
IC Product Stair connector special
Quantity  1100 units

News! TSS 25 L

Three in one connector!

Connector flight and landing
Remove the nib with this elegant 25kN connector for stair flight and landing .

Leveling adjustment
Fast and easy leveling flight and landing. No need for shimming.

Approved for lifting in production and installation





IC Stair joints in thinner slabs and simplified reinforcement guide

In Invisible Connections, we are constantly working on further development and improvement of our IC products, our TSS / RVK staircase connections has been tested several times before, now we have undertaken a new FE analysis.

Result of this analysis, TSS / RVK can be used in thinner slab with full capacity. The thickness of the slab can be reduced by as much as 20-25% and still has full capacity. This is a good news for the element manufacturer who can use less concrete and the environment as a result of less concrete use.

We have also simplified the reinforcement routing and gathered all the necessary technical information in memos 54 and 55. We hope this will both make the production of the element manufacturer more efficient and make our stair mountings more user-friendly for the designer / RIB.

TSS to the new hospital in Malmö

Skanska chose to use TSS101 for fixing stairs in the new hospital in Malmö, as they achieve efficient, fast and secure mounting of stairs. Element manufacturer is Lithana Group in Lithuania and TSS was supplied by our distributor Semtu.

About the project: The hospital is located in central Malmö and has an area of ​​125,000 sq.m. and will be renovated and modernized while at the same time being fully operational, 85,000 square meters of new buildings are being built. The project is expected to be completed by 2023

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