New product!! REDiBOX

A purpose-designed ‘left-in’ component for easy forming of recesses in concrete walls (precast or insitu). Suitably sized to complement the sliding inner-sections of standard TSS & RVK Telescopic Connectors (all load ranges) prior to receiving cementitious grout-fill. Its design provides +/- 35mm (min) vertical tolerance and +/- 40mm (min) horizontally. The REDiBOX Permanent Recess Former is manufactured from durable and environmentally recyclable HDPE.

The embedded box element is heavily ribbed on all sides, comprehensively anchoring it into the concrete wall. The rear of the detachable face-plate has an inset perimeter rib, which provides a close fit to the box and which also maintains the shape of the recess former under concrete pressure. The unit is fully sealed, which ensures that the recess will be clean once the face-plate is removed. The face-plate can be nailed to timber moulds or shutters, the integral lugs (two on four sides) provide ample fixing points to tie-wire thAlternativelye unit to the wall reinforcement (ideal for slip-forms). The recyclable face-plate incorporates a central ‘soft-eye’ into which a hammer-claw can be inserted to pull and detach, revealing the clear recess.